Total Flag 

Pursuing her research on the illusory nature of the image, the artist Corinne Vionnet is now presenting Total Flag, which looks anew at the evolution of her American dream. 

"Total Flag charts the metamorphoses a picture of the American flag goes through when it is reproduced over and over again. First it was diplayed on a screen, which was photographed with a digital camera and then shown on the same screen again, then photographed again and displayed again, and so on until it lost absolutely all its features."
by Gabriel Umst├Ątter / curating the show "Replicas - Originality on trial in and around Olivier Mosset's collection". 

You can find more information about this work here

Total Flag
Corinne Vionnet   

48 pages 
Softcover with Singer binding 
200 copies 
Self-published, 2018 
Eur 28.- 

Risograph printing on Fedrigoni paper 

Please note that ink marks inherent to Risograph printing may appear. 

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