The Hitchhiker


The Hitchiker, Corinne Vionnet
Self-published in 2022; 48 pages; size 165x100mm; laser print; softcover stapled.
50 copies

I remember that I was following several webcams interested in a specific subject, and on one of the webcams, a person was standing on the side of the road. After several observations, this person seemed to be hitchhiking and I couldn't stop coming back to this webcam to see what was going on. Was he taken by a car?
A common place, an anonymous person, his unknown destination, nevertheless glued me on my screen. And I was realizing that I was monitoring. 
The time of the webcam indicated also brings a relationship to time. Time of this "meeting", time behind my screen to observe, time of the hitchhike.
But in fact, was this hitchhiker taken by a car, or did he disappear from the webcam frame?

Catégorie Artist's Book

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